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Energy Referral Credit does not recommend Bulb any more, this is a personal opinion only.

We will leave the information below for reference only.
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Bulb Energy Review & Bulb Refer A Friend, Octopus Energy Referral Credit

Swap to Bulb and get £50

Bulb refer a friend, why because Bulb are Green, cheap and use renewable energy. The Bulb energy referral bonus giving you £50 upon joining bulb means that you would be hard-pressed to find a more affordable energy supplier, most people save in excess of £250 a year alone, why not get a quote –  energyreferralcredit

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Bulb Energy Review & Bulb Refer A Friend, Octopus Energy Referral Credit


10% of Bulb Energy gas comes from biomethane. That’s gas produced from organic matter like sewage and manure – which is then reinjected onto the grid (minus the smell).

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Bulb Energy Review & Bulb Refer A Friend, Octopus Energy Referral Credit

One Tariff

People tend to pay too much (about £250 a year too much) but stay with the same provider.  If you haven’t switched for a while, that could be you so use our bulb referral link to switch and save.

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Bulb Energy Referral Credit & bulb refer a friend

Who are Bulb Energy.

Founded in April 2015 by Hayden Wood and Amit Gudka, two former energy industry workers, the Brick-Lane-based supplier promises to cuts your bills and provide 100% renewable electricity, and so far they have done just that.
The majority (74%) of Bulbs renewable energy is supplied by five hydropower plants, which generate electricity using water. The other quarter (26%) of Bulb’s renewable energy comes from anaerobic digestion, which is where organic farm waste is used to generate gas.

How does Bulb stack up on price?

On price, Bulb comes out top compared to other green energy providers, according to comparison site Energyhelpline.

It is between £200 and £300 cheaper than the average big six providers if you have not switched in the last few years  Bulb energy reviews found.

Tariff typePrice per year 
Bulb’s tariff£855
Big Six energy tariff£1,135

Savings by switching to Bulb: £280 compared to the Bix Six.

Table sourced by Energyhelpline.com, correct as of 17 November 2017
Calculations for an average dual fuel user paying by monthly direct debit. Average usage as defined as 12,500 kWh pa of gas and 3,100 kWh pa of electricity.

Electric, is it really green?

You will be pleased and surprised to know that every unit of electricity you use a unit is produced and put on the grid by a pollution-free renewable source like Llyn Brenig Hydro in North Wales energyswap.org found out about Bulb Energy.

If you go green you will also know that you are doing more than most for the environment. A typical UK home has a carbon footprint of six tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year from gas and electricity usage.
Two tonnes comes from electricity usage, four from gas. Use green electricity through your adult life and you will cut your carbon footprint by over 100 tonnes. If you heat by electricity and switch to green electricity then that rises to a 300 tonne plus reduction – look at our bulb energy referral to swap over and save £s/

Smart Meter – can you swap?

Bulb energy reviews found that is is part of Ofgem regulations that smart meters are no barrier to switching supplier so you know you are safe using our bulb energy referral.

However, the first generation of smart meters introduced by energy suppliers only work ‘smartly’ with the supplier that originally installed it. So when you switch suppliers they revert to standard mode and you have to take manual readings instead.

Fortunately, the second generation of smart meters will be universally compatible, so that problem won’t exist. That’s why bulb are waiting for those before they offer their own smart meters to Bulb members.

No fuss, no faff, no exit fees

Bulb is the only energy supplier to pay off your exit fees for you. No fuss, no faff, just send Bulb a photo or scan of the final bill from your old supplier.
Easy. Not only that, Bulb does not have any exit fees either.

So why not use our bulb energy referral and switch today? bulb refer a friend
Go renewable, save £200+ on average and get great support, if you don’t like Bulb then you can switch away again at no cost.

Why are there so many rave & 5-star reviews on the web?

Bulb is one of the cheapest suppliers of energy, on top of that they are a green energy supplier.
Bulb are also the only supplier who offer £50 credit for joining via a referral scheme, and that is why so many people want to shout about Bulb saving them money.

However, if Bulb didn’t have great customer service, an amazing website and phone support to make energy, simple, then there would be a lot of complaints too and there simply isn’t any.

Trustpilot currently shows over 4000* Reviews and a handful of 4* reviews, it really is worth noting that there are no 3,2 or 1-star reviews out of 4000+ reviews that tell you all you need to know about peoples feelings towards bulb energy.

If you fancy bagging the £50 referral then why not sign up now and see for yourself why people love Bulb energy using our bulb energy referral £50 referral credit  bulb refer a friend

Bulb Energy Tariff.

Bulb has one tariff, called Vari-Fair.
This is a simple, dual fuel tariff for gas and electricity is variable and doesn’t charge exit fees.

The tariff isn’t fixed, meaning prices could go up and down and could leave you exposed to any jumps in wholesale energy costs.

However, it is worth noting that Bulb has reduced the energy costs twice last year (2017) meaning every member has saved a lot of money already over the big 6, this is in addition, to the £50 bonus credit for joining, but have in 2018 increased the price of gas and electric, however, they are still a lot cheaper than the big 6.

Current Tariff is here…


Bulb energy reviews

Customer Service / App

Bulb also has a good customer service setup, online chat, phone and email they also answer the phone very fast emails can take several hours for a response.

Bulb Energy Reviews also noted that Bulbs iOS application and web app are easy to use and submit meter readings.

Renewable Energy.

The majority (74%) of Bulbs renewable energy is supplied by five hydropower plants, which generate electricity using water. The other quarter (26%) of Bulb’s renewable energy comes from anaerobic digestion, which is where organic farm waste is used to generate gas.

Energyswap.org found out that Bulb is one of the only 100% renewable electricity suppliers in the UK and by switching to Bulb you get:

• The lowest cost 100% renewable electricity tariff in the market

• 10% green gas at a minimum if your home is dual fuel

  • bulb energy referral

• No carbon emissions for your electricity

• And bulb also donate £2 per switch to Trees For Cities

So should you switch to Bulb?

We think if you want a cheap tariff that has the added bonus of being a green tariff and you have not switched for some time is likely to be able to save at least £200 a year by switching to Bulb energy, some large houses on high use energy reported saving a whopping, no, eye-watering £800 a year.

bulb energy, bulb energy referral: £50 Bulb credit bulb refer a friend

Key points, Bulb Energy Reviews

- [ ] 100% green energy
- [ ] £50 sign up credit
- [ ] iOS app
- [ ] Web app
- [ ] Call centre 
- [ ] Simple swap (they handle all the paper work)
- [ ] Great communication 
- [ ] Bulb pay exit fees if you have any
- [ ] No lock-in period, if you don’t like the tariff you can leave
- [ ] One tariff, no complex schemes
- [ ] bulb referral link
- [ ] Bulb energy reviews
- [ ] 4000+ 5* trust pilot reviews

With all of the above in mind with our reviews of bulb energy we think that you will find not only that bulb is good value but you will also make significant savings over your current supplier, what will you save by using our bulb energy referral link!

bulb referral, Bulb Energy Referral, Bulb Switch and Referral link bulb refer a friend

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Bulb Energy Review & Bulb Refer A Friend, Octopus Energy Referral Credit

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Why not see how much you can save while using green energy, click get a quote and get £50 credit for joining. bulb refer a friend

Bulb Energy Review & Bulb Refer A Friend, Octopus Energy Referral Credit

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