Bulb Vari Fair Tariff

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Energy Referral Credit does not recommend Bulb any more, this is a personal opinion only.

We will leave the information below for reference only.
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Bulb Vari Fair Tariff is the only tariff bulb offer, there are no special deals on “special plans” and no price hikes, its one simple fee and the energy they use is 100% green.

Bulbs one tariff means you’ll always be on their best deal. No out-of-contract price hikes, or complicated pricing. And if you ever switch away, Bulb won’t charge you for leaving.

Get a non-binding quote here and if you do sign up following the link you get £50 credit in your account to start you off.

Bulb is the UK’s biggest green energy supplier. They provide 100% renewable electricity. For every unit you use, They ensure that a unit is produced and put on the grid by a renewable source including solar, wind and hydro. Plus, our gas is 100% carbon neutral. 

Bulb Vari Fair Tariff

Simple rates and no exit fees
Standing charges for gas and electricity

– 27.40p per day.

Region Electricity pence per KWh – Gas pence per KWh

Bulb Vari Fair Tariff, Octopus Energy Referral Credit - Get £50 for switching
Bulb Vari Fair

Elec Gas
East England 12.51 3.12
East Midlands 12.88 3.11
London 12.05 3.25
North Wales, Mersey & Cheshire 13.80 3.20
West Midlands 12.97 3.26
North East England 12.91 3.08
North West England 12.84 3.15
North Scotland 13.79 3.15
South Scotland 13.06 3.15
South East England 12.53 3.30
Southern England 13.02 3.35
South Wales 13.34 3.13
South West England 13.64 3.35
Yorkshire 12.87 3.08

Bulb Vari Fair Tariff, Octopus Energy Referral Credit - Get £50 for switching
Based on a typical annual consumption of 3,100 kwh electricity and 12,000 kwh gas in the Eastern region


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