Energy use at home sours during lockdown

About £30 extra is being use per household during lockdown which is why you should ensure that you are on the cheapest supplier. Get a quote with octopus and save hundreds and get £50 credit too! Read here for more

Power companies are sitting on £1.7 billion of our money

Are you due a Energy refund? Almost half of all UK households (46%) are due such a refund, the price comparison and switching site found. One in ten energy bill-payers (10%) are owed more than £200. Customers who pay for their energy by Direct Debit can often find themselves in credit with their supplier...

Octopus £50 referral credit

Save money and get £50 credit for swapping energy supplier! Take a look at Octopus Energy they are cheaper than the big 6 Energy Suppliers and they give you £50 off your first bill using our referral Sign Up We no longer recommend the energy company Bulb energy We now recommend Octopus energy, they are cheaper green...

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